Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Millions of Americans are taking to the roads over the weekend to celebrate the great people of the US, and to say goodbye to summer. Labor Day Traffic will be heavy in many places. Be careful as you drive.

Check in with TrafficReport.com to see what traffic conditions are like, and plan your routes accordingly. Have an excellent holiday regardless of whether you travel or stay near home!

2017 August Boston Mass Traffic

This page is for discussing traffic and related topics in and around the Boston area, including Salem, Quincy, Lynn, Lowell, Franklin, Gloucester, and surrounding areas.

New York Traffic August 2017

Summer vacation is over, and school is back in session. What does that mean for New York City traffic?

San Jose California Traffic August 2017

San Jose area’s traffic said to have reached a new high, according to Mercury News.

Los Angeles Traffic August 2017

LA Traffic is quite high. But is it unusually high, or just normally so? LA Weekly says they have the Los Angeles Has the Worst Traffic in the World!

Hurricane Harvey Traffic in Corpus

40 inches of rain dumped by Hurricane Harvey in Corpus Christi, coupled with evacuation orders and people coming back, will impact your travel. Expect delays.