Fuel Crisis Rages in Texas! (or maybe not?)

Fuel Crisis Rages in Texas!

Be sure to read to the bottom of this article…

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey: Concerns of gas shortages spreading across North Texas are resulting in long lines at the fuel pump.  Prices have hiked up from below $2.20 to the $2.50 per gallon range.  Traffic may be backed up around the gas station.

Last night my son reported seeing the long lines.  So my wife went and fueled up with a short wait.  This afternoon I saw no cars at all at Kroger in Prosper, TX.  Their price signs were set to $000.00, indicating they were not offering fuel for sale.  Down the road in Celina, TX, the line of vehicles stuck out onto Preston Road while they waited their turn at Brookshire’s Express Lane.  The line was not moving.  I went inside to do my shopping, where I got the real skinny.

While checking out inside Brookshire’s Groceries, I chatted with the store manager about the situation.  He explained that there is not a fuel shortage really.  But, there is a problem with dispensing it at this location.  There has been such a high demand at the pumps in the past 24 hours that all the pumps have broken down (with the exception of the two diesel spots).  The manager explained that they have been overworked to deliver more than 3 times their intended design, not given the necessary time to cool down, or somesuch.  He said that though some refineries in the Houston area have gone offline, that Brookshire’s supply is believed to come out of Oklahoma which is operating as normal.  Repair crews were on the way.

The general advice being given to drivers is to fuel up before going below 1/4 tank so as to avoid running out of fuel, but not to rush out and panic, thus feeding the perceived shortage crisis.

One oil-industry caller into WBAP radio in DFW suggests for folks to avoid the social media-fed hysteria.  Sounds like good advice.