Privacy Policy’s Privacy Policy

We try to make our privacy policy simple and clear.

  • We don’t sell your information.
  • We may send emails or blog posting notifications to you according to user subscriptions.
  • Our website uses cookies (for reasons such as geolocation for serving geographic-specific content, tracking user visits for statistical reporting, for attibution in our affiliate plan participation).  You are welcome to block cookies in your website browser, but certain functionality might not work correctly.
  • We don’t track visitors at an individually-identifiable level.
  • Your user ID might be published in blog post comments, but you can also post anonymously if you are not logged in.
  • We do all we can to block SPAM and privacy breaches.
  • No website can be guaranteed 100% secure.  Just like anyone else, we can offer no guarantees of any kind.
  • We ask you to report to us any suspicious activity on our website.
  • If you publish a post or comment on our website or if you use our contact form, we may
    • Contact you back
    • Reply to your posts and comments publicly
  • Please contact us with any questions