Realtime Traffic Tips and Tricks

These simple hints for navigating with realtime traffic maps can go a long way in helping you get the most out of

(under construction – check back daily)


1 – Give the page a few seconds to load; there is a lot of data and functionality to bring in.

2 – Related to #1, you might have to touch a link or a control a second time to get it to respond since there is a lot of information to load.

3 – Scrolling page content: You can touch and drag almost anything on the screen in order to scroll up and down – with two exceptions… 1) the map itself, and 2) the Street View (little man) icon.



– Type your desired place or address in the “Search For Location” field. Select the result you want, then touch the search icon magnifying glass. The system will return the map with purple pins for the results. Touch a pin to get the address or directions.


The best way to get directions is by starting with Search to initiate navigation to your selected result. Then in the Directions dialog, touch the geolocation icon to designate your current position as your starting point, then touch the Get Directions button

You will be displayed a list of step-by-step instructions which you can close by touching the Close link in the upper right. You can access the directions instructions list again by touching the gold pin appearing on the highlighted route on the map.


– Road Map is the default


1 – Street View

Drag the little man icon to your desired location; the map will highlight the eligible streets and then you can drop the icon and enter Street View. To exit, touch the X in the upper right corner.

2 – Zoom Control

+ (plus) zooms you in, and – (minus) zooms you out. Pinching your screen also controls zoom.

3 – Geolocation

Touching the green geolocation icon centers your position on the map and tracks your movement. Touching the red geolocation icon stops the tracking so that you can scroll on the map to view other locations.

4 – Pin Drop

Touch the pinblue pin drop to drop it on the center of the map. Then you can drag it to a desired location. Then you can touch it to access the Directions dialog (touch the right-arrow).